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How Does EOG Differ From Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding websites bring investors and entrepreneurs together. There are many well-known crowdfunding platforms in the marketplace today. Each business model varies slightly. The common theme is to provide individuals with access to private investment opportunities. Many platforms act as middlemen between the investor and the real estate operator, adding an extra layer of fees and controlling all aspects of communication. EOG differs from today’s real estate crowdfunding sites who act as intermediaries between the investor and the real estate operator in significant ways.

First, EOG is to acquire and manage commercial real estate that could deliver high risk adjusted returns. Our goal is to protect and grow the wealth that EOG partners accumulate from their previous careers. The partners then expanded the platform to outside investors who shared same values, goals, and objectives. This means that investors who participate through EOG funds are investing in our real estate along with EOG partners. Investors will have access to diversified real estate portfolio without the hassles of searching and underwriting hundreds of properties to find a gem to acquire and as well as property management.

Second, we find, vet and act as the manager for all of our commercial deals. Every decision comes from our team. We decide what properties to acquire and what price to pay. We build and execute the business plans and decide when it’s time to sell. We’ve spent many years refining our risk management policies to make sure we get it right, and we know what is in the fine print of every document because we created them.


Third, investors can invest to the fund only on the traditional real estate crowdfunding site. At EOG, we offer flexible choices to the investors. Investor can either participate our funds or co-invest single project.

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